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產品中文名 :

Yumbox MiniSnack Malibu Purple Toucan

產品英文名 :

簡介 :

Yumbox Leakproof Bento Snack Box, 3-compartment food tray (illustrated) Pack wet foods like yogurt and dips (not water). VOLUME & DIMENSIONS: 2 cups: One 1 cup + 2/3 cup + dip or treat well. 6.7(l) x 5.1(w) x 1.8(h) inches, 12 oz

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Product Info / 產品介紹

PRACTICAL DESIGN: Yumbox Snack is designed to make your snacks easy to pack, use and makes food look appetizing. It's molded silicone lined lid engages with the tray so food stays in place, wet foods too! Pack dips next to crackers with no worries. One easy to open and close latch makes Yumbox a perfect lunchbox for little ones. The removable compartmentalized tray helps you pack a variety of healthy treats.

IDEAL SMALL PORTION SIZES:  The compartments are portioned for snacks and also for healthy sides to accompany soups that you might pack in Yumbox Zuppa or to compliment a sandwich packed in Yumbox reusable Sandwich Bags.

PERFECT EASY PACKED SNACKS: Packed snacks looks appetizing in Yumbox Snack box and encourages your kids to eat more fruits and veggies.  To keep contents cool, place Yumbox Snack in an insulated Bagand add an ice pack.

EASY CLEANING: Hand washing is easy and ideal to preserve the life of the seal. Dishwasher safe. Top rack only.

HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE & LIGHT: Yumbox isl food-safe, BPA-free and phthalates-free. Yumbox is compact & lightweight. All products are FDA and CPSIA compliant.

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